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15 years of Cesena Fashion School

15 years of Cesena Fashion School

15 years of Cesena Fashion School

15 years of Cesena Fashion Schoo

Today I bring you a reflection and some news on the 15 years of Scuola Moda Cesena. For those who don't know, we will celebrate 15 years of this school which has achieved many goals over the years and wants to achieve many. Being able to share them with all of you makes us proud of how these 15 years of Scuola Moda Cesena have been.

Inauguration of the new headquarters of the Cesena Fashion School on the university campus. 

In 2007 Scuola Moda Cesena arrives in Cesena in via Pasolini 13, because Cesena according to the director and founder Lorenzini Catia could be a city full of projects for young students. Therefore, our director, who has always pursued and worked for Fashion Schools located in Rome and Milan. Catia decides that Cesena, her hometown, could have its own fashion school and so 15 years ago she arrives in Cesena. Loaded with projects and dreams, in 2012 the school moved to the prestigious Palazzo Sirotti Gaudenzi in one of the most prestigious streets of Cesena via Chiaramonti. For 10 years we have been guests of this artistic and prestigious building, where there was a nice atmosphere, and where the school experienced its professional growth. Today the School needs more comfort for the classrooms, more dynamism in the spaces, more spaces and equipped laboratories. Given the ever-increasing number of students, together with CNA and the municipality of Cesena, the opportunity arose to arrive in Viale Europa 980, in the university campus area. From September 2022 we too will be on the university campus, precisely to unify all the training centers, and we are happy to be part of them.

We will celebrate our first 15 years with you, and we will have new teachers to join the staff 

The changes serve all of us to improve, and offer more opportunities to our students. Always our main thought has been to offer our students more knowledge and innovation. Not only on modeling but also on drawing techniques and on the whole IT part. Our strength tool for future goals and therefore we would have even more qualified teachers with us starting from September. Therefore, Style lessons will be divided by topics.

Digitization of the fashion course management system

We would have a platform available for our students and the teaching will be curated by four experienced and qualified teachers on each topic. With over 20 years of experience at Teddy, Claudia Pasini, will be responsible for courses in merchandise and business fashion. While the illustrator Carmen Ursino, who already met some of our guys during the Workshops last semester, will be in charge of the fashion illustration course. The accessories, style and English in fashion courses will continue in the hands of Carlotta Bellucci and Lucia Pallas, who will follow the marketing lessons, Photoshop Illustrator. He will also be manager of Scuola Moda Cesena always supported by the director Lorenzini Catia 

Also in the area of ​​pattern making and tailoring comes a new teacher, a former student of the school. After strong demand from students for a packaging-focused course, Fabien Lombardi she will take care of the sewing class. Because our strong point is precisely in the tailoring area and the creation of the garment, Fabien is also qualified for new sewing techniques. Professor Giulia Merlini will continue to direct the Tailoring Pattern Making course for women, men and children. While, Catia Menghi will continue to develop the first year tailor pattern maker and industrial pattern maker course, in addition to the CAD course. At the request of several students, we decided to leave the CAD course in the hands of a teacher specialized in pattern making. This allows us to have and give more technical knowledge on the subject then turned to digital.

Updates in the educational program 

Favoring the didactic aspect, so detailed and discrete, will give each student the opportunity to have his own goal. In this way to favor a detailed path on each topic. Everyone will have their own opinion to be advised and helped in the choice of specialization at the end of the three-year period and job expectations. Precisely for this reason, since 2022 the institute has finalized the collaboration with various companies in the region for carrying out training internships.

Among the companies that collaborate with the school are: Promo international, Federico Cina, Solleciti, RSPCT, Donna Esse and Assyst. Students are invited to propose new companies as a collaboration, if they know the contents and the school makes itself fully available for other knowledge precisely to encourage training internship opportunities. 

The 15th year will be a great year for Scuola Moda Cesena.

As you can see, this is going to be a great year for Scuola Moda Cesena we can't wait to share it with you. To celebrate this new stage, at the beginning of September we will hold an inauguration party in the new location, with an aperitif and live music. Stay tunned!

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